Owner operator, Bruce Prevost, has been helping landowners stem the invasion of noxious weeds for many years. A hard working resident of Park County, Bruce got involved in the ground spraying business because of his desire to keep Montana’s lands productive and pristine. He is a family man and veteran who enjoys spending his time working outdoors amidst the splendor of our corner of the world.

Bruce specializes in creating specific Integrated Weed Management Plans (IWM Plans) to custom fit clients’ needs in meeting Montana’s aggressive “Weed Free” program. Whether you have a small acreage, a mountain property or large ranch, Seed Time Harvest will keep your rangeland & pasture in the best of condition and in compliance for very reasonable rates.



“A few years back, I was living high up in the Bangtail Mountains of Park County. And, one thing we always battled up there was the profusion of noxious weeds. If I wasn’t getting pricked by canadian thistle, I was trying in vain to get houndstongue burrs off my shaggy dog. Needless to say, the problem was hard to ignore. I applied spray annually like many of my neighbors, but it just kept getting worse, and other weeds were taking hold, like knapweed.

At any rate, I was preparing to sell my property and knew I had to do something once and for all about it. So, I talked to Bruce at STH. He assessed the situation, came up with a weed management plan, and basically returned my property to its natural state.

I’d definitely recommend STH to anyone looking to rid their land of pesky weeds. They are very thorough, and they know their stuff! I only wish my property hadn’t sold so quickly, so I could’ve enjoyed it weed-free.”